Class Action Litigation Attorney in New York

Mark E. Goidell represents businesses in the defense of class action litigation in both state and federal courts. Mr. Goidell works to mitigate risk when representing companies in class action claims. He works to ascertain the best strategic approach to a class action, whether it is through early resolution or defending the claims.

Mr. Goidell has successfully defeated many class action cases. This has afforded him the experience and expertise necessary to develop a strategic approach to each case. Mr. Goidell has successfully defended class action cases for corporations and law firms in several large, complex litigation matters, and is well equipped to handle complex cases involving allegations of consumer fraud, unfair business practices, product liability, false advertising, unfair competition, pension and other claims.

Our firm represented a national law firm that was named a defendant in a putative class action brought under the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act. The plaintiffs were seeking to impose a constructive trust over more than $256 million paid to the attorneys. Mr. Goidell successfully won a dismissal of the action against his clients and then successfully argued the appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston, Massachusetts. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to effectively and efficiently deal with the numerous and complex issues raised in class action lawsuits.

If you have been named a defendant in a class action lawsuit in state or Federal court, or if you are a defendant in a case that could be certified as a class action, contact the Law Office of Mark E Goidell today for a confidential, free consultation by calling (516) 683-0001, or by using the form below.