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The Law Office of Mark E. Goidell enjoys excellent relationships with law firms and attorneys throughout the country. Firms trust Mark to handle matters with professionalism and attention to detail and to maintain outstanding communication with them.


With more than 30 years of experience practicing on Long Island, Mark is fully familiar with the state and federal courts in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and is highly regarded by judges and court personnel. He has litigated with and against many of Long Island’s leading firms and attorneys and commands the respect of his peers. His knowledge of local court rules and procedures is unsurpassed.

Mark is often called upon to handle complex and high profile matters in jurisdictions throughout the Northeast. His successful handling of high profile cases of national prominence involving Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Richard Jewel, Congressman Gary Condit and Burke Ramsey demonstrate his level of competence and professionalism, and explain why some of the most visible cases are referred to him.

The firm welcomes referrals from other firms; and is available to handle many types of cases:

  • Defamation actions
  • Employment law and benefits
  • Discrimination claims
  • Estate and probate litigation
  • Commercial and business disputes
  • Civil litigation
  • Contract claims
  • Criminal defense
  • ERISA claims
  • Claims involving breach of fiduciary duty
  • Fraud cases
  • Real estate litigation

For a fuller description of the matters handled by our firm and the results we have obtained, please look at Notable Cases.

If you are an attorney and are looking for local counsel on Long Island, or to handle a complex, sensitive or high profile matter, please contact us at (516) 683-0001 or complete the contact form below.

Representation of Law Firms and Attorneys

Mark has represented attorneys and law firms in a number of cases, and is available to do so in almost any context. His previous successes have made him a go-to source for attorneys being sued for conflict, misappropriation, disciplinary and other matters. Those successes include Zimmerman v. Epstein, Becker and Green, P.C., et al. (Federal Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit), where Mark won dismissal of a putative class action brought against the national law firm. The plaintiffs were seeking to impose a constructive trust over more than $256 million paid to the attorneys. The plaintiffs alleged that they were entitled to the funds under the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act. Agreeing with Mark’s position, the Court dismissed the action against Mark’s clients.

For further information about Mark’s representation of attorneys and law firms in licensing and disciplinary matters, please look at the Professional Licensing and Misconduct page.

If you are an attorney or law firm that is a defendant in a lawsuit, please contact us at (516) 683-0001 or complete the contact form below.

Appellate Matters

Mark has extensive experience prosecuting and defending appeals in state and Federal courts in New York and other jurisdictions. You can learn more about Mark’s appellate practice at Appeals.

If you are an attorney or law firm that requires appellate counsel, please contact us at (516) 683-0001 or complete the contact form below.

Litigation Prevention and Non-Judicial Dispute Resolution

Mark’s extensive trial experience and knowledge of local rulings, procedure, court personnel and attorneys makes him an excellent resource for firms whose clients are looking to avoid litigation. He is proficient at assessing the merits of a case and advising on whether a case should be brought, where to bring a case, and to develop litigation strategy

Mark has developed a particular expertise in the area of employment law matters. He is regularly retained to advise clients on how to eliminate or minimize the risks of wage, hour, discrimination, or other workplace liabilities. He advises clients and other firms on these matters; he prepares, reviews and revises office procedures, employee manuals, business policies, and agreements, with a view to how they would be viewed by local courts.

Mark has extensive experience representing clients in mediation and arbitration procedures and is available to handle any type of non-judicial dispute resolution procedure.

(Please note that all cases are unique, and prior results are no guarantee of future outcomes.)

If you have a client in need of counseling on possible litigation matters, or to review employment matters, or requiring representation in a non-judicial dispute resolution proceeding, please contact us at (516) 683-0001 or complete the contact form below.

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Mark Goidell and his wife Lynn. (Photo Courtesy of Stony Brook Medicine)Mark Goidell Volunteers for COVID-19 Research Study at Stony Brook Medicine
Attorney Mark Goidell was the first volunteer to donate convalescent plasma for a pioneering research study at SUNY-Stony Brook Medical School. Just click on the icon to the right.

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