Notable Cases Handled by Our New York Litigation Attorney

Over the past 30 years, Mark has successfully handled hundreds of cases, both large and small. Here are some of the more notable ones:

Mark successfully defended musician Sean “P Diddy” Combs in 23 wrongful death and personal injury cases brought following a “stampede” at a concert Mr. Combs sponsored at the City College of New York. As a result of Mark’s efforts, all claims were dismissed before trial.

In Jewell v. NYP Holdings, Inc (federal district court – Southern District of New York), Mark represented Richard Jewell, the security guard who was falsely accused of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Mark successfully negotiated settlements in defamation cases brought by Mr. Jewell against members of the media.

In Ramsey v. NYP Holdings, Inc. (federal district court – Southern District of New York), Mark represented the brother of Jon Benet Ramsey, the Colorado girl who was found dead in her home. Mark obtained significant settlements of defamation actions he brought against members of the media who was falsely accused Burke Ramsey of being the killer.

In Condit v. Dunne (federal district court – Southern District of New York), Mark was successful in obtaining a significant settlement in the defamation case brought by Congressman Gary Condit against the journalist Dominick Dunne, who falsely accused the Congressman of being involved in the disappearance and death of his aide, Chandra Levy.

In Gujavarty v. County of Nassau, Mark won a jury verdict in excess of $2 million for Dr. Krishna Gujavarty on discrimination and retaliation claims brought against the Nassau University Medical Center.

In Beerman v. Marten (federal district court – Eastern District of New York), Mark obtained a multimillion dollar settlement on behalf of investors who were defrauded by the false representations of their financial adviser.

In Zimmerman v. Epstein, Becker and Green, P.C., et al.(federal Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit), Mark won dismissal of a putative class action brought against the national law firm. The plaintiffs were seeking to impose a constructive trust over more than $256 million paid to the attorneys. The plaintiffs alleged that they were entitled to the funds under the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act. Agreeing with Mark’s position, the Court dismissed the action against Mark’s clients.

In International Barcode Corp. v. Procelli, Mark won dismissal of an action seeking damages of $1.8 million for breach of employment agreements.

In Gajano v. Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale, Mark obtained a lucrative settlement on behalf of a discharged bank executive.

In Coyle v. Coyle (NY Supreme Court, Suffolk County), Mark successfully represented a business owner who was sued by his three partners, who were also his brothers. They sought to impose a constructive trust over substantial property gifted to Mark’s client by their deceased father.  Mark was able to promptly and successfully have the action dismissed.

In Burton v. Marchese (NY Supreme Court, Suffolk County), Mark represented a developer of unimproved land in Suffolk County who was sued by the family of an injured bicyclist. The bicyclist was struck and severely injured by an automobile.  The driver of the automobile alleged that the bicycle was obscured by overgrown vegetation on Mark’s client’s land.  Mark promptly and successfully moved to dismiss immediately after service of the complaint upon the client.

In Matter of Guardianship of Dennisha Pryce (NY Supreme Court, Queens County), a court issued a stay against Mark’s client, a developer of residential property, to prevent it from completing the sale of a specially constructed home. The stay was issued because the purchaser was unlawfully using the proceeds of an infant’s trust account to purchase the home.  Mark successfully had the stay vacated on an expedited basis

In Legurnic v. Ciccione (Eastern District of New York, 2014), Mark successfully challenged a jury verdict awarding several hundred thousand dollars to a plaintiff who claimed he was defrauded by the defendant in the Agape scandal. District Judge Spatt granted Mark’s motion to vacate the verdict and dismiss the Complaint.

In Relyea v. 306 Tours, Mark won a confidential award on behalf of an employee in a breach of contract and discrimination case against her employer.

In Matter of Sands, Mark won an award of several hundred thousand thousand dollars on behalf of a disbarred attorney on her claim for quantum meruit recover of fees paid to her former law firm.

Mark recently obtained a not guilty verdict for a client arrested for DWI in Westbury, NY. The NYS Trooper who made the arrest claimed Mark’s client was unsteady, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. The client contended that he was not intoxicated and had been arguing in the car with his daughter. Mark discovered that the Trooper made no contemporaneous record of his client’s performance on the standardized field sobriety tests, didn’t record his field notes for two hours afterwards and failed to adhere to the precise guidelines set forth in the NHTSA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Manual. The jury acquitted after only an hour of deliberation.

Please note that every case is unique. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.