Civil Litigation Attorney in New York

Mark E. Goidell has an extensive experience in tort claims filed by or against individuals and businesses. He represents clients in commercial litigation, tort claims, personal injury, wrongful death, real estate, and employment litigation, among others. Mr. Goidell focuses on achieving promising outcomes that meet his client’s goals. His clients have relied on him for decades in defending or prosecuting their complicated claims because he aggressively fights for their rights.

The Law Office of Mark E. Goidell represents businesses and individuals in a wide range of civil matters, including

  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Personal injuries
  • Trusts and estates matters
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Real estate litigation

If you are involved in a civil litigation or believe you may have a civil claim against an individual or company, contact the Law Office of Mark E Goidell today for a confidential, free consultation by calling (516) 683-0001, or by using the form below.