Professional Misconduct Attorneys in New York

Mark E. Goidell provides legal representation to lawyers and other professionals who are being investigated for violations of ethical and professional responsibility. Mr. Goidell assists professionals being investigated or prosecuted for misappropriation of client funds, fraud, conflicts of interest, and misconduct. He defends professionals in front of committees and at the appellate level. He also represents professionals seeking reinstatement of a license.

Mr. Goidell is qualified to provide ethics opinions to both judges and attorneys on areas regarding ethical concerns between partners or other dilemmas. Additionally, Mr. Goidell represents law school students who have been denied bar admission due to character and fitness.  Mr. Goidell will assist with the appeals and hearing process.

If you have received notice of an investigation or possible professional misconduct charge being filed, or if you have received formal notice of the commencement of a disciplinary proceeding against you, or if you have been sued in a civil action, contact the Law Office of Mark E Goidell today for a confidential, free consultation by calling (516) 683-0001, or by using the form below.