Civil & Criminal Appeals Attorney in New York

Mark E. Goidell has extensive experience representing clients in complex state and federal appeals in both civil and criminal cases. Mr. Goidell’s extensive experience as a trial attorney puts him in an excellent position to represent clients on appeal. His understanding of evidentiary rules, jury charges and other possible bases for judicial error and appeal give him the ability to effectively and concisely conceptualize and prosecute judicial appeals. He has successfully overturned lower court rulings and outcomes, and defended those appealed by others.

The firm’s appellate practice encompasses the full range of post-trial matters:

  • Motions for a new trial
  • Motions to amend or alter a judgment
  • Motions for relief from a judgment or order
  • Motions for other post-trial relief
  • Motions to vacate a verdict or judgment
  • Motions for reconsideration
  • Preparation of appellate briefs
  • Oral appellate arguments

If you have received an adverse verdict or judgment in a civil case, or if you have been convicted of a crime and believe you have the basis for an appeal, contact the Law Office of Mark E Goidell today for a confidential, free consultation by calling (516) 683-0001, or by using the form below.